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Send letters, postcards, photos and drawings to an incarcerated parent.

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The Photo Patch team will deliver a photo shoot experience to the children!

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Our youth are always thinking and tinkering. Their valuables such as artwork, projects, grades and other accomplishments can be easily shared with their parent.

We encourage youth to take photos of those valuables so that they can be shared through the Photo Patch app. Once they have the pictures, they simply click “Upload”.

After youth upload photos and letters to our app, we will print, package and ship the “snail mail” for them…and for FREE!

Before the parent receives the correspondence from the child, the prison will inspect it. We remind youth and their parents to follow prison guidelines so that there are no problems.

Currently, incarcerated parents do not have access to the Photo Patch app, but they can reply to their child via “snail mail”.

communication made accessible

Available on Android and IOS devices

Youth can send letters, postcards, photos, and drawings to their incarcerated parent(s) for FREE!

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Many Children who have incarcerated parents

Have not spoken, seen or in anyway communicated with their parents in weeks, months and sometimes years.

0 %

state parent inmates report seeing their children at least once a month

0 %

of state parent inmates report having never been visited by their childrenĀ 

0 +

children are torn apart from incarcerated parent(s)