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How does it Work?

    1. The Youth or an Adult creates an account in the Photo Patch Admin Panel.
    2. The Youth/Adult can  upload photos and type an optional letter in the Admin Panel.
    3. The Youth/Adult clicks “Send”, and Photo Patch makes sure everything is printed, packaged and mailed to the parent for the child.

    Children can upload Photos from any device or any website.
    With Photo Patch its easy

Let’s work together to get these kids started!!!

Are you the parent of a child who has an incarcerated parent?
Are you the gaurdian of a child who has an incarcerated parent?
Are you an organization that helps children who have an incarcerated parent? 

Well great! Each child needs someone to log in for them and make sure they have no trouble uploading photos and typing prison appropriate letters. You can be that person!

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Photo Patch for Adults

Are you an adult trying to send photos to your inmate companion(Brother, Friend, Husband, Wife)? 
Sign up now for the Photo Patch Adult version! 

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