The song is sung by a kid group called Jay.N.M (Jay, Nasia, and Mike) and they are telling a story about how it feels to have an incarcerated parent and how it is difficult to communicate with them. Then they give a solution to fix that communication problem…… Photo Patch! These kids are really amazing and inspiring. When you watch the video you will be in shock.

More about Jay.N.M.

The cool part is, these 3 are actually related to each other. So their synergy is natural!

Young girl who Builds an app


Jay aka Jay-Jay is a 13-year-old residing in Florida. She has many different talents and seems to be picking up new things every day. Jay actually built the Photo Patch app back in February 2018! She loves to sing, rap, make slime, and not only does she build apps herself, she’s been teaching other kids how to code as well! 

If you want Jay to teach you or your kids how to code, Get in touch!



This girl is full of energy! She has the charisma and swag to steal the show at any moment. Be on the lookout for her Talk Show coming soon!  



Young Mike is known for his rawness. He’s good at keeping you laughing and impressed by his whit, wisdom and jokes. He loves sports, but loves to rap even more. Be on the lookout for more from this great youngster. 




The “Photo Patch” Video was filmed by Kwame Mclean of  One Touch Photography. The video plot was created and written by Antoine Patton of OPC Entertainment. Additional input and creativity was contributed by Regina Freeman, Fatima Freeman and Greg Bryant. 


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