Tech Firm has a 13-year-old Girl on Their Team

Atlas Digital Group | Black Owned Tech Firm

The Tech Industry is notoriously known for being dominated by white males. Women make up half of the users that use technology but they are severely underrepresented in the industry. This includes software developers, CEOs and even board members.

This Black-owned Software Development Firm, Atlas Digital Group, is aiming to change this. One of the founders and CTO, Antoine Patton, has been traveling the nation teaching young girls about programming and computer science. More impressing, when his daughter Jay Jay Patton was just 11-years-old he started teaching her how to build websites and apps.

“Kids can be way better programmers than adults. They are sponges for information no matter the level of difficulty,” says Antoine.

By the time Jay Jay was 12-years-old, she had her first app under her belt. She designed and built a mobile application that facilitates kids sending photos and letters to their incarcerated parents. This app was built for the Photo Patch Foundation which already had a website that did the same thing.


“I just know kids need an easier way to communicate with their parents who are in prison. More convenient. I’ve been there before.”

When Jay Jay was just 3 years old, her father was sent to prison for 8 years for Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

“It was devastating to us all,” Says Atlas’ COO Greg Bryant who is also Antoine’s cousin.

While incarcerated, Antoine taught himself how to build websites and eventually found a mentor, who was also incarcerated, to teach him how to build apps.

When released Antoine partnered with his cousin Greg and his Brother Zach Patton with the aim to be a creative design-driven development firm. The firm is based in South Florida and Los Angeles but does most of their connecting online.

They recently launched an online course, Unlock $50K, teaching other entrepreneurs how to launch a $50,000 a year firm like Atlas Digital Group. Their goal is to equip and empower 1,000 tech firms and educate people that you don’t have to be a hardcore programmer to get into the tech industry. There are over a dozen different roles besides “coder” or “programmer” within any of the Silicon Valley-based startups.

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